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Our Rehab Center

One of the most exciting areas of our new hospital is our Animal Rehabilitation Center.  The Center is equipped with hydrotherapy (underwater treadmill), land treadmill and various other treatment modalities.  Our primary goals are to help our patients with a speedy recovery, minimize pain along the way, and help to provide the best quality of life in the long term.

For more information about how rehab can benefit your pet, check out our rehab page!

In the past, when our surgeons felt a patient would benefit from post-op rehabilitation or therapy, they had to refer clients out to other local rehab practitioners. In our new hospital, we are fully equipped to provide these services in-house! A customized treatment will be developed to provide maximum benefits for each patient. Some patients may have conditions best suited for hydrotherapy in the water treadmill, while others may benefit from conditioning on the land treadmill. Some cases will be suited for laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, heat therapy, or a variety of neuromuscular stimulation therapies. And of course, Dr. Kari Johnson may also perform treatments using traditional physical therapy modalities such as massage and mobilization.

Our services aren’t just for post-op patients. Any cat or dog with functional issues such as neuromuscular disease, degenerative joint disease or obesity may benefit from Dr. Johnson’s services. Conditioning and injury prevention programs are also available for working, agility and hunting dogs.

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