Rehab Team

Dr. Leslie Eide, DVM, CCRT, ACVSMR Resident

Dr. Eide graduated from Colorado State University’s Veterinary School in 2006. She completed a rotating internship in small animal medicine in Albuquerque, NM. She continued her education by becoming certified in canine rehabilitation through the Canine Rehab Institute with a focus in sports medicine. Dr. Eide continues to learn more about rehabilitation, sports medicine and pain management through daily practice and continuing education seminars.

In the agility world, Dr. Eide has trained two dogs to their ADCH (Agility Dog Champion), one to ADCH Bronze, ATCH2 (Agility Trial Champion), and MACH (Master Agility Champion). Three of her dogs have qualified and competed at USDAA Nationals with multiple Grand Prix Semi-final runs. She currently competes with 3 dogs in agility.

Dr. Eide’s interest in sports did not just begin with dog agility. At the age of 5 she began swimming competitively for her local summer league team. She competed in many national events placing 3rd in the 1994 U.S. Swimming National Junior Championship in the 200 Breast Stroke. She went on to compete for the University of New Mexico Swim Team from 1996-2000. In 1998 she broke the school record in the 400 Individual Medley and held that record until 2002. During her time as a swimmer, she learned about exercise physiology, sports medicine, and physical therapy.

When she’s not training and conditioning her dogs, Dr. Eide enjoys competing in triathlons.

 Kristin Kirkby Shaw, DVM, MS, PhD, CCRT

Diplomate ACVS, Diplomate ACVSMR

Dr. Shaw received her DVM from the University of Florida in 2003, before completing a one-year small animal internship in Colorado. She returned to the University of Florida for a four-year small animal surgical residency and to pursue her master’s degree, conducting research on ischemic kidney  injury.

In 2008, Dr. Shaw became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. She spent an additional two years at the University of Florida as a faculty member in the Soft Tissue Surgery department while conducting her PhD and establishing the rehabilitation service at the veterinary teaching hospital.

In 2010, Dr. Shaw moved to Seattle and began working in private practice. She became board-certified in Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation in 2013.

Her areas of surgical expertise include brachycephalic airway syndrome, cardiothoracic, oncologic, orthopedic, urogenital and intestinal procedures, congenital defects, and wound healing and reconstruction.

She has conducted extensive research in soft tissue surgery and rehabilitation, published numerous journal articles and textbook chapters, and presented at national and international conferences. She is also an instructor for the Canine Rehabilitation Institute.

When she’s not performing surgery, you can find Dr. Shaw running, snowboarding, traveling, relaxing in downward dog, or simply spending time with her husband, Aaron, their Frenchie, Beans and their Labrador, Arrow.

Sunny Rubin, MSPT, CCRT

 Sunny actually grew up right here in Shoreline, WA and after receiving her Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Washing, St. Louis in 1996, she began her circuitous route back to us!

After graduation, she worked on the human side of things, in various inpatient and outpatient settings for a couple of years before choosing a specialty in hand therapy.  But she has always held an interest in using her skills to improve the physical health and welfare of dogs, so she enrolled in the rehabilitation course at The Canine Rehab Institute. She became certified in 2016 after completing classwork and an internship at HydroPaws in Santa Barbara, CA. and she joined our rehab department shortly thereafter.

She remains passionate about her commitment to her canine patients and especially enjoys educating owners and involving them in the rehab process as well.

When she is not ministering to her human or canine patients, you can find her hiking with her adorable yellow lab, Farley, cooking with her husband, serenading them on piano and dancing—any chance she can get!

Vanessa Ormiston, LVT, CCRP

Vanessa is a Seattlite, born and raised in West Seattle; a rarity these days. Before she found her calling as a rehab technician she had a pretty diverse resume. She worked for the U.S. Coast Guard for almost 5 years and for Sound Transit as a Safety Technician, she even owned her own bookstore in Greenwood.

When she first started in veterinary medicine, she worked at a clinic in both general and emergency medicine. But it wasn’t until her 5-year-old mixed breed dog, Megan, tore her cruciate ligament that she became interested in veterinary rehabilitation. She read everything she could get her hands on about the subject and became Megan’s very own rehab tech. It was then that she decided to get serious about her new-found folly, so she enrolled in the University of Tennessee’s certification program and got her CCRP about two years ago.

For fun, Vanessa loves to hike and sell books and spend long hours combing the woods for truffles with her truffle-hunting dog, Rocky. And one day, he might even find one!

Erin Kelly, LVT

Erin grew up right here in the PNW and ever the animal lover, bringing home an assortment of wayward critters since she was able to walk, she knew from a very early age that she wanted to be in veterinary medicine. She landed her first in the industry while still in high school and has spent the past 18 years in different aspects of the field.

Fifteen of those years were concentrated in emergency/specialty hospitals where she founded and managed a blood bank and helped create and implement an in-hospital training and continuing education program for veterinary technicians and assistants, all while maintaining a full time work schedule and starting a family.

After the birth of her second child, she slowed down a bit, but having been a volunteer in various non-profit spay/neuter projects, she found herself dedicated to shelter medicine before finding her home here in our rehab department.

She explains that she loves the positive, hands-on work that rehab provides and it gives her great satisfaction watching the strides her patients make and knowing that she has helped to improve their quality of life.

She is currently enrolled at the Canine Rehabilitation Institute where she will start her CCRP in June of 2018.

She is also “employed” by her two young children, Ramon and Francesca, two cats and two dogs, the eldest of which was a Dominican street dog she rescued while there volunteering for a spay/neuter campaign. Ramon considers him his big brother.

In her spare time, if there is any, Erin enjoys music, gardening and—naps!

Jamie Schumann, Rehab Assistant

Jamie is a self-proclaimed navy brat. She was born in the Azores, a group of islands belonging to Portugal. As such, she bounced around all over the globe, living in a variety of locales including Hawaii and Panama before settling down in the  Pacific Northwest.
Her employment over the years was equally eclectic until a chance encounter with a stray dog on a white water rafting trip changed the course of her life.

She found the stray with an injured paw and he would not let anyone approach him but her. He allowed her to soak his foot in Epsom salts and care for him until he healed. That’s when she realized that she had a knack for veterinary medicine.

She worked for a time in general practice, then in emergency medicine, she spent time with a mobile vet and even worked for a dental specialist.  But her lifestyle as an avid outdoors person, rafting, hiking and hunting for her own food steered her into her life’s passion. She admits she’s “obsessed” with helping to return injured working, sporting and hunting dogs back to their optimal performance levels.

Jamie shares her home with a distinguished golden retriever named “Kiki” and her sidekick, “Bouncers,” a tiny little chihuahua.  And–yes, that’s how she got her name!

Nina Grebin, Patient Care Coordinator

Nina started with us in the fall of 2017 and she took quite the journey to get here!

She grew up in Bothell, WA, but left to attend the University of Minnesota. When asked why she chose that particular school she replied “because Minnesota is the most under-rated state in the union!” Needless to say, she loved it there. She received a BS in– wait for it—Sociology, Criminology, and Deviance. She later went on to pursue a degree in nursing. While attending school, she worked at a nursing home and became so involved with the care and treatment of the elderly, that she switched her major to pre-law, with the intention of focusing on the rights of the elderly while in various care facilities.

Then—she took a bit of a break and fed her passion for travel, she’s visited 34 countries, and lived in Asia for 5 months as well, before returning home to collect herself.

At home, she worked as a Client Services Manager at a veterinary hospital and fell in love—with the job, that is. She finally felt that she found her niche, lucky for us.

In her spare time she loves reading and nachos. And if she can enjoy them at the same time—even better!

She shares her home with her dachshund/pit bull mix named Tytus who, she claims, taught her everything she needs to know about love.