Checking in with Dr. Leslie Eide

As Dr. Eide begins her third month as Animal Surgical Clinic’s Canine Rehabilitation specialist, Teresa Casson, our lead veterinary technician, checked in with her to see how ASCS’s rehabilitation program is progressing.

Tracking Dr. Eide down for a quick interview proved to be a challenge as Rehab has quickly become one of the busiest departments in our clinic.

Teresa Casson:  Dr. Eide, going into your third month here at ASCS, what has surprised to you about your role in the clinic?

Dr. Leslie Eide:  My role is defined as the Canine Rehabilitator and it came with no surprises, other than how busy I am already! I love how easily I’ve fit in with everyone here and am excited to offer more treatment options than I ever have had in my previous positions.  Shockwave and Platelet Rich Plasma are two of my favorite new options to offer patients.

TC: What can clients expect on their first meeting with you?

LE:  They can expect to receive lot of information.  Depending on the diagnosis, there are many treatment options available that we will cover.  Some patients may be able to begin treatments right away, but our clients should be prepared for the possibility of additional diagnostics to determine the best program for our patients.  I discuss the benefits of underwater treadmill use for gait retraining, increasing the ability to bear weight and add muscle strength.  I also explain how our use of laser therapy is ideal for anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, while speeding up the healing process. Again, depending on the patient and the diagnosis, additional modalities that can be offered are shockwave therapy, ultrasound treatments and Electronic Muscle Stimulation.

TC:  How does home care and the “homework” you give patients factor in to what you are doing here?

LE: Few people have the luxury of being able to visit our facility daily for treatments so it is important that clients participate by doing the recommended program we set up for them at home.  This will enable their pets to achieve the full potential from the treatments we provide.  Not doing home exercises is like us going to the gym only once in a while and expecting great results.

TC:  Do you have a favorite success story?

LE:  My biggest success story would be “Banner” who is a competitive Frisbee dog that I diagnosed with low grade bilateral Iliopsoas strains (hip flexor muscle). Banner’s owner was very dedicated to her rehab. Banner returned to Frisbee competition and placed 6th in the world recently!

TC:  What challenges do you especially like?

LE:  I like working with athletes, either helping them return to sport after injury or developing a conditioning plan to help prevent injuries.

TC:  How do your rehab plans compliment surgery?

LE:  My approach to the post-op patient is to care for the muscles and joints that may be affected directly or secondary to the surgical area. For example, in a TPLO surgery (ACL repair) the stifle joint angle is altered to provide a “corrected” and stabilized joint. Rehab sessions help to build up atrophied muscles that occur quickly once the initial injury has occurred.  We can speed up recovery and a return to a normal lifestyle, often gaining strength.  Also, rehab can pre-operatively prepare patients for a smoother recovery from surgery by providing care preemptively while awaiting surgery.

TC:  What are you doing in your personal life that involves your training?

LE:  I compete in agility with three of my dogs.  I use conditioning to keep them in top shape and prevent injuries.  I compete locally in agility one or two times monthly and am hoping to qualify for the USDAA National this year, as well as starting in competitive obedience.


As you can see, Dr. Eide is an integral part of ASCS.  Her interests and talents directly overflow into her passion for preventing and healing injuries and helping her patients achieve their potential through rehabilitation and conditioning here at Animal Surgical Clinic of Seattle.

Dr. Eide is available for consultations Monday through Friday. Please call if you would like to set up an appointment with her.

If you are a referring veterinarian, she would be happy to discuss any cases that you think may benefit from rehab and/or conditioning.

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