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Last week, Sam, a 10 year old Lab with an aggressive form of soft tissue sarcoma became part of a clinic trial conducted by Presage Bioscience. This Seattle based company has developed and patented a device called CIVO which offers an entirely new way to deliver and study the efficacy of various cancer drugs on tumors in a living environment, such as Sam’s tumor. The tumor was injected 72 hours prior to surgery with various chemotherapy drugs in a specific area. After the tumor was excised by Dr. Russell Bennett, it was taken to Specialty VetPath, the pathology lab on premises and the specific areas were removed and studied by the team to see how the targeted cancer cells reacted to the various chemotherapy drugs the tumor received.

It is a breakthrough method in developing a specific chemotherapy protocol for an individual patient. Dr. Chelsea Tripp, The oncologist at AMCS, has worked with Presage in clinical trials on lymphoma, but Sam is the first of her patients to undergo this type of trial in soft tissue sarcomas. We are amazed by the strides being made in the development of cancer treatment therapies and humbled to be part of the process.

For more information please click on the links: www.woof4thecure.com and www.presagebio.com.

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