Dr. Alex Aguila To Present at WSVMA CE Event

Dr. Aguila will be discussing head and neck cases with surgical implications which might include topics such as sialocele, mandibular or maxillary fractures, upper respiratory surgeries (brachycephalic airway syndrome and laryngeal paralysis, for example), and any number of neoplastic diseases, involving the structures in the area (MLTOB, lymphoma, osteosarcoma, fibrosarcoma, ceruminous gland carcinoma, melanoma, lipoma, mast cell tumor, etc, ALL of which can be pains in the tush, given circumstances.  We will try to cover as many of these topics as time will allow.  Issues related to the eyes and the teeth will gladly be left for their respective specialists speaking to discuss.

Among the other presenters are Dr. Diane Carle, DVM, DAVCS, head of the dentistry department at AMCS.

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