Dr. Kristin Kirkby Shaw to Speak At The 2017 International Courthouse Dogs Conference

Have you ever heard of Courthouse Dogs Foundation? The practice of using assistance and off duty police dogs during the process of gathering evidence, depositions and courtroom testimonials, has been around since the late 1990’s. The presence of the dogs in such situations is used to assuage the fears of some of the most vulnerable victims of crime, abuse, custodial hearings, and other legal proceedings.

In 2003, King County Senior Deputy, Ellen-O’Neill- Stephens, began using off-duty police dogs in juvenile drug court and other courtroom proceedings. The practice was so successful that in 2008, she partnered with veterinarian Celeste Walsen and Courthouse Dogs was formed. It became official in 2012.

Today, the non-profit foundation is found in most states, Canada and even in countries abroad, training legal professionals, victim and child advocacy groups and others in the legal system, how to incorporate these amazing dogs in the legal process.

This weekend, they are hosting their 5th annual conference in Bellevue, WA, their home base. Among the speakers is our very own Dr. Kristin Kirkby Shaw. She is the only veterinarian in Western Washington who is double boarded in both surgery and canine rehabilitation.  Her talk is titled: Canine Fitness and Strategies of Keeping Your Facility Dog in Peak Condition.

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