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There’s nothing better than seeing a patient returning to optimal health. We love when clients send us photo or video updates of how their pet is doing. Here is one review left recently on Yelp that particularly touched our hearts. This is from Jessica, mom to Willie who came in with a cruciate ligament injury.

“In short: Extremely nice and helpful from the first phone call to the doctor’s consultation to follow up appointments. If I had to say something critical, as any legitimate reviewer would do, it would be that the location is not close to where I live. 

Details: We have three dogs; one of them had a cruciate ligament injury (a more familiar term for humans is equivalent of an ACL tear). Being from the Eastside, we naturally started the work up for the evaluation and treatment on the Eastside. Our experience led us to look further for alternatives and that led us to Dr. Kristin Kirkby Shaw of Animal Surgical Clinic of Seattle. It was serendipitous that we ended up with her.

We called, a bit in desperation, and they got us in to see Dr. Kirkby Shaw that same day for a consult. She was knowledgeable and patient, drew pictures to show us what has occurred in the joint and what treatment options mean in the short term, long term, risks and benefits involved with each. In addition, an extensive amount of time was spent, in no haste, answering our questions (and there were a lot of questions). We walked out of the consultation feeling good about the Dr. and that our dog will be in good hands. 

Given the options, my husband and I elected to have TPLO, with scope. Surgery day came and went. 2 weeks out from the surgery day, our dog is trotting around like nothing happened. Though scoping was elected by us, which we knew would be an additional fee, at the time of surgery, it was determined his leg is too small for the actual scope to be useful or safe, so it was not preformed. As with anything else, it’s always nice when cost goes down. His wound was well stitched, approximation of the skin tissue was precise, and healing was fast. He’s doing exercises at home with us so he can really use his leg like before.

During the 2-week post surgery check, I asked the Dr. what her opinion is on joint supplements. The discussion led to her offering to contact her pharmaceutical source regarding a very specific supplement question I had. A day later, I had my answer. It seems small, but it’s another example of the interest and passion this doctor has for the welfare of her patients.

I recommend, with no reservations, Dr. Kirkby Shaw to anyone seeking a surgery specialist for their dog. In fact, I went to see my regular vet for another dog’s allergy problem since and have told him all about this experience. He’s now convinced to tell his clients that a few extra minutes is worth it to see her when needed.

– Jessica Chen, July 2015 via Yelp

Thanks, Jessica for your kind words. We are so happy that Willie is healing well!

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We have a commitment at ASCS to value each life we touch and always strive for medical excellence. It’s receiving testimonials like Jessica’s that reminds us again of why we do what we do.

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