Preparing For Your Visit

The first step to determine whether your pet is a candidate for surgery is to have a consultation with one of our surgeons. This involves an initial 45 to 60-minute physical exam and evaluation.

We’ll obtain your pet’s medical records and recent diagnostic imaging results from your family veterinarian.

We’ll ask that you to fill out a new client form, which you can download and complete in advance of your appointment.

The surgeon will review these records, perform a physical exam and discuss your pet’s treatment options with you. You’ll also be given a cost estimate for the recommended treatment(s) so you know exactly what to expect and can make an informed decision.

With your approval, procedures will be scheduled as soon as possible (especially if emergency surgery is indicated).

Please bring cats in a cat carrier. Dogs must be on a leash.

This is for the safety of your pet and other pets in our lobby. If you have concerns about having your dog interact with other dogs, please let us know in advance, and we’ll arrange for you to move directly into an exam room when you arrive.