Oh, What A Year!

We have come to the end of another holiday season for what was a year of tremendous growth and change here at the Animal Surgical and Orthopedic Center. For starters, we have changed our name to more aptly reflect our primary focus. We are now working more closely with our rehabilitation department, SOUND, in order to provide the most comprehensive surgical, diagnostic and post-operative care for our patients and clients.

It all came about when the Animal Medical Center, with whom we shared our building for the past 10 years, expanded their services to include more specialties than the facility could hold, making it necessary for them to move to a larger building. That gave us the perfect opportunity to expand as well, affording us the ability to keep up with the demand we were experiencing in both our orthopedic and rehabilitation caseloads.

In order to continue to provide the exceptional care we always have, we’ve hired 15 new employees, including another board-certified surgeon, Dr. Jeff Mitchell, two physical therapists, technicians, and assistants. You should have seen our holiday party this year. It was standing room only!

In addition to the new hires, we also obtained two new owners. Don’t worry, we kept it in the family. We are still one of the only privately owned referral practices in the area. The four owners are also our surgeons- Drs. Johnson, Aguila, Thoesen and Shaw, and we are committed to our vision of becoming the premiere veterinary orthopedic, sports medicine, and rehabilitative group in the Pacific Northwest.

Animal Surgical has been serving the Greater Seattle veterinary community since 1986. That’s thirty-two years! We were one of the very first specialty clinics in the PNW. But just because we’re the oldest, doesn’t mean we’re “old.” We’re probably now the “newest.” With our new name and our narrowed focus, we will provide the most advanced and cutting edge therapies available to help pets with orthopedic conditions.

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

P.S. Happy Holidays everyone! We wish you and your loved ones a fun and joyful season. That includes your pets as well, so keep them safe and healthy.


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