Paperwork for New Clients

For new clients, there is essential paperwork that needs to be completed before your pet’s first appointment. Please make sure to complete both the New Client and Lameness History forms.

Please fill out the ASOC New Client Form below.

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Pet Information

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Has your pet had any adverse reaction to anesthesia or medication?
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Please list any medication or supplements that your pet is taking now or has taken within the past 2 weeks.*

Referring Veterinarian and Hospital Name

Regular Veterinarian and Hospital Name (if different from above)

How did you hear about us? (check all that apply)*

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If other please specify:

We often take pictures of our hospitalized patients and post stories on our website, Facebook or Instagram. Do you authorize use of pictures of your pet for this purpose only?



The information will be sent directly to our team.

The Lameness History Form should be filled out no sooner than within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment so that we have the most current information
regarding your dog’s lameness and activity tolerance.

Complete the Lameness History Sheet Here