Patient Success Story: Cleo’s Ear Surgery

The Story of a Puppy Who Wished to Hear

Cleo is an adorable little black and white terrier mix, who was happily adopted by the Kelly family after they fell in love with her photo on the Saving Great Animals website.

Cleo looked and acted like a healthy little pup; playing and chewing and getting into trouble, but the family noticed that she wasn’t able to hear directionally. She couldn’t seem to tell where certain sounds were coming from.

It wasn’t until she was about five months old when she started exhibiting signs of pain in her left ear, prompting a visit to her veterinarian.

Cleo’s Diagnosis – Congenital Aural Atresia

Congenital aural atresia (CAA), lack of an opening to the ear canal, is a rare disorder in dogs. CAA has varying degrees of severity, ranging from a mostly normal ear canal, to the underdevelopment or even complete absence of the middle ear structures. 

Cleo’s primary care veterinarian, Erik Christensen, DVM, believed the pain she was experiencing was most likely due to the accumulation of normal fluid and exudate in the inner ear that had no outlet due to the CAA. Little Cleo was prescribed antibiotics to fight possible infections and was referred to Animal Surgical Center of Seattle’s board-certified veterinary surgeon, Mike Thoesen, DVM, DACVS, for further diagnostics, which would provide the Kelly’s an understanding of the complexity of her aural atresia.

Cleo Before Surgery

A Successful Surgery for Cleo

After an examination and discussion with the family, Dr. Thoesen recommended a computed tomography (CT) scan of Cleo’s skull to fully evaluate the aural atresia. The scan confirmed there was a large amount of fluid in her middle ear, but her ear canal and inner ear appeared normal, which was good news for Cleo.

Dr. Thoesen performed a lateral ear canal resection to create an opening for the left ear canal. Cleo handled the surgery like a champion, and at the two-week post-surgery recheck, the surgical site was completely healed.  

Cleo is back to her energetic self without any ear pain and the Kelly family is thrilled with the results. However, her pet parents are not sure if she now has ‘selective hearing’ when she is getting into trouble. If you want to learn more about Cleo, you can follow her on her very own Instagram profile.

The entire team here at ASCS wishes Cleo and her family the very best.

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