Pet Injuries are surging – here’s how to keep your pets safe!

During this COVID-19 outbreak, staying home has us feeling a bit antsy. New routines and unfamiliar adventures may also be disruptive to your pets.

Here at ASOC, we’re doing everything we can to provide critical surgical services to your pets during this time, including curbside service, phone consults, contactless online payments, and prioritizing acute orthopedic injuries (such as fractures).


Unfortunately, we’ve seen a BIG increase in fracture cases since the stay- at- home orders were put in place. Before the crisis, we saw approximately 2-7 fracture cases per month, and now we’re seeing 3 or more cases every week.

We believe this trend is directly correlated with the extra time pet owners have been spending with their pets. Time and attention are great, but bored humans trying to figure out ways to entertain themselves (and their pets), can lead to all sorts of activities that unintentionally cause injury.



For example:

With kids at home, there’s a higher chance that doors or gates get left open, allowing animals to get into more

dangerous areas.

With quieter streets and less traffic, many pets are spending more time off-leash, which can lead to the same result.

And unfortunately, some animals are being asked to do stunts and tricks to entertain owners that are sheltered in place.  When our patients present with fractures, often the owner’s site “unknown trauma.” Don’t let this be you!

As the weather continues to improve through the spring and into the summer, unfortunately we expect these trauma cases to continue to increase.

We’re asking all our wonderful pet owners to stay safe out there! Keep an eye on the kids, don’t let your pets get into areas they shouldn’t be, and make sure your dog is always on a leash!


Here are some pet safety tips to keep your fur babies safe when spending more time on walks and outdoors:

  • Be sure your gates stay closed so your pets aren’t getting into places they shouldn’t.
  • Don’t let your pets get into high, unsecured places. (One feline patient of ours fell from a four-story balcony, and another dog leapt from a high retaining wall. Avoid situations like these!)
  • On that note: When enjoying the outdoors, do not be tempted by fewer cars on the road to allow off-leash time. Be sure to always use a leash if you’re not in a secure, designated off-leash area.
  • Spend some time warming up and cooling down your dog before and after strenuous physical activity.
  • Our current trend of warmer weather can overheat pets.
  • Do not leave your pets in the car while you run errands.
  • Scan for hazards in your yard, driveway, or on the sidewalk when walking. Be aware of slippery surfaces (like wet grass) and avoid throwing a ball when it’s too wet.
  • Provide traction on hard floors, stairs, and bathtubs. Slippery floors can sometimes lead to injuries – use an area rug, non-slip bathmat, and other surfaces with more traction.
  • Help your pet in and out of high places. High jumps from the back of a car or off tall furniture are a common area for pets at home to get injured. Help your pet down if you can or use a ramp or a set of pet stairs.


Stay safe out there!

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