Poetry Contest Winner!

The winner of our poetry contest, in honor of National Poetry Month, is Amber McQuoid. She penned a poignant poem honoring her beloved dog, Gracie, who eventually lost a long fought battle with degenerative myelopathy. We asked Amber to give us a bit more history on Gracie and their relationship and she wrote us a wonderful letter highlighting the annals of their journey together.

It’s amazing the impact the two made in each other’s lives.

Below you can read her poem and her story as well.


If I could float with you,

Just for one last time,

I’d whisper how much I’ve loved you

And how grateful I am that you were mine.


I would tell you how proud of you I am,

For how gracefully you fought this disease.

You would run grinning in your cart,

While I nearly hit my knees.



I’d tell you not to worry,

Somehow I’ll find my way,

I know your body is failing you,

So I could never ask for you to stay.


I would tell you to be free,

Start running with all the rest,

You deserve all of heavens happiness,

Because you simply were the best.


Lastly I’d ask you to make me a promise,

Years down the road when my time here is done,

When you hear me call your name,

Please coming Running baby, run…

In loving memory of “Grace”, a 12 year old German Shepherd whom was set free from Degenerative Myelopathy November 2nd, 2015.


Letter from Amber:


Grace came to me as a rescue when she was roughly 16 weeks old. We were her 3rd home in that short time. I had no idea at the time how big of a role she was going to play in my life. She was my right hand. We had the best 12 years together and it wasn’t until her senior years that I had heard the term “heart dog”, she was definitely mine. There was nothing I did without her by my side. We hiked, camped, participated in search and rescue and my husband and I started dating over doggy play dates. She adored him and I trusted her judgment so I decided to keep him. When she was 10 she started showing signs of weakness in her hind end, and was soon diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy. We took advantage of the few treatments available for that nasty disease and getting to swim together during her hydrotherapy sessions was by far one of the most memorable, wonderful things I have ever had the privilege of doing. We did swim therapy, acupuncture, herbal medicine and even doggy yoga together. A dog cart/wheel chair was gifted to us as the disease progressed. Tears were flowing from everyone the first time we put her in her cart. She took off running with a big grin like it was nothing. Her positive attitude was an inspiration and made it so easy to do anything and everything we could to keep her quality of life amazing as long as we could. Letting her goes was heart wrenching beyond words but she let us know that she was tired and she was ready. Saying good bye was the hardest thing we faced to date but every experience we shared somehow brought us peace during that tough time. I had never heard of degenerative myelopathy until she was diagnosed and I’ve vowed to make every effort to try and share our experience with hopes that it may help someone else who faces that same uphill battle. Thank you for holding this poetry contest and allowing me to continue to share her legacy. People always told us that Grace was so lucky to have us but truthfully I know that we were the lucky ones. She is very missed by her family, including her K9 sisters who will be very grateful for some special treats from Mud Bay.


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