Total Knee Replacement

Fred, an older Aussie mix presented to our clinic about a year ago, with severe osteoarthritis in both of his knees. He had a complete cruciate tear of his right knee, a 50% tear in his left knee and both knees were externally rotated. He had been treated with various joint supplements, both oral and injectable, placed on anti-inflammatories, analgesics, a restricted diet and an exercise routine, but he was still unable to go on walks of any length without significant pain. His dedicated owners, who had recently adopted him, decided to seek a more permanent solution for him. They elected a total knee replacement surgery. In order to provide the most favorable post- surgical outcome for him they placed him on a strict diet. In about a year’s time he had shed an impressive 20 pounds, bringing him to an optimal weight to undergo the surgery.

The five plus hour surgery was performed by Dr. Alex Aguila, Dr. Russ Patterson and Dr. Matthew Allen, a veteran of joint replacement surgery at The Ohio State University.

As early as two days post-surgically, Fred was weight bearing on his new knee and retuned home on the third day.

At the time of his two week re-check, Fred’s owners consulted with our rehabilitation specialist, Dr. Kari Johnson, and they signed him up for a PT package which included controlled walks on our underwater treadmill, laser therapy and stretching exercises, all of which have produced fantastic results. The range of motion in that knee has exceeded what the doctors had expected for him and his comfort level has improved dramatically, according to his ecstatic owners!

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