Support Staff

ASCS support staff show their dedication by caring for our patients, equipment and spaces with professionalism and heart. They are the foundation of our excellent service.


Noelle Norrie

Practice Manager

Noelle has one of the longest tenures at ASCS, joining the practice in 1997 as a referral coordinator. Her passion has always been creating lasting relationships with the clients and making sure that everything runs smoothly for the practice. Since becoming Practice Manager in 2014 and she recently became a Veterinary Management Institute Graduate, solidifying her position here at ASCS. She looks forward to continually helping the practice to grow. Noelle and her husband spend their free time mountain biking and trying to keep up with their two black Labradors, Finn and Wallice


Christie Gilliam

Front Office Manager

Christie, our front office manager has worked in the veterinary field for the past 15 years. She originally hails from Nashville, Tennessee and contrary to what most recent transplants claim, the reason for her recent relocation to our area had nothing to do with our economic boom and everything to do with our weather! She found that in her search for the best places to live with chronic asthma, Seattle came on top, so she and her husband and three kitty cats made a beeline up to the PNW.

A self-proclaimed “cat addict,” (Yes, she’s the one with the stroller), she’s also an avid reader, Karaoke enthusiast, (she auditioned for The Voice and American Idol–that’s how good she is!), enjoys painting, arts and crafts and she studied music in college. She brings her experience, her care and her exceptional communication skills to our practice. And who can resist that warm southern drawl!


Kay St Aubin

Referral Coordinator

Kay is an anomaly in these parts because she was actually born and raised here!

She went into retail sales directly from high school but knew from the start that it was not her calling. She soon found herself volunteering at various animal shelters and got her first job in the veterinary field as a kennel assistant.

Having found her fit in the veterinary world, she then attended  PIMA and became certified as a Veterinary Assistant, after which,  she got a job at a general practice and also worked in emergency medicine and critical care before finding her place here as a Referral Coordinator.

For fun, she loves anything outdoorsy, hiking, running, traveling, learning Spanish and teaching herself to play the guitar.

She shares her home a Boston Terrier named Midge, a tuxedo cat named Benny and a three-legged Aussie named Nellie Illene. She came with the name Illene ( “I Lean” ) due to the loss of her back leg!

You’ll find that Kay is a glass half full type of person and one can probably attribute her warm disposition to her intense love of summer.


Issy Barnes

Referral Coordinator

Issy, short of Isabella, hails from Nottingham, England where she inherited her love of animals, great and small. She has been working with them since she was 17 years old.  She became a certified Animal Care Assistant for the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals (RSPCA),  worked there for a few years before moving to Thailand to care for sick and injured stray animals. It was there where she met her American born husband and the two of them took off to China where they both taught English to ‘human babies,’ as she put it.

After a while, they both yearned to put down roots, so they moved to the Seattle area where her husband is originally from. Shortly after, she dove right back into the animal care field and worked at PAWS for a while before making her way to us.

She may have settled down, but her adventurous spirit remains.  She has already climbed Mt Rainier and is currently in training to become a marathon runner! She shares her love of corgis with The Queen and enjoys spending time with two corgis Arthur and Sadie. She also enjoys cooking, trying exotic cuisines and traveling. She believes that if you dance for 10 minutes a day, you’ll increase your happiness by at least 50%.

When you encounter Issy, be prepared to be charmed by her English accent and her infectious positivity!


Kyle Brooks

Referral Coordinator

Bio coming soon…







Paul Lomano

Pack Room Manager

Paul joined ASCS in 1999. As pack room manager, he is responsible for sterilization, maintenance and inventory control for all surgical instruments and equipment and making sure the surgeons have the necessary paraphernalia for the many procedures they perform. Paul’s quick wit and sense of humor lends for a bit of comic relief in our somewhat serious environment! Paul enjoys traversing the trails of Discovery Park with his wife, Lisa, traveling to the United Kingdom and chilling on the couch with his kitty, Mina. Paul is also an avid reader of a wide range of literature,  from Lord of the Rings to historical novels.



colinColin McCaul

Head Veterinary Assistant






Emily Steuk

 Veterinary Assistant






ashley Ashley Lee

 Veterinary Assistant









Sarah Gagliano

Veterinary Assistant








Rachel Lether