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Image: Krystyn L.

I cannot thank the team here enough for essentially saving my old guy's life. Smokey had a tumor that was growing so fast, it was taking over all the space in his abdominal cavity, our regular vet ran tests, we had an ultrasound done and it didn't appear to be cancer but he was going to have to be put down because he was rapidly dropping weight (no room for food) and was having a hard time moving around from the sheer size of this thing. We met with Dr. Bennett, who was so kind and straightforward and gave us all the info we needed in a very honest way. Our guy is 13, but otherwise healthy. The surgery was going to be astronomically costly and risky but given his happy demeanor and otherwise health, we decided to go through with it. We talked to Dr. Bennett about just letting him go if he opened him up and saw no chance of extracting this monster, we didn't want to put our guy through unnecessary suffering. Day of surgery our whole family descended on this place to possibly say goodbye to our dude but it was not to be. Dr Bennett pulled a 15+ POUND tumor out of Smokey pretty much by feel, this guy is so gifted at what he does. And so real, and kind to both his patients and their owners. I just cannot thank you all enough. The care he received was top notch. He was there for three days being taken care of so skillfully after surgery by Dr. Attermeier in the ICU side of things. I will recommend this place a thousand times over, I will forever be grateful for the extra time you've given us with the best dog alive! Thank you!

— Krystyn L.
Image: Anthony M.

About 12 weeks ago our 100lb American Bulldog Crixus tore his ACL and we were advised to get the TPLO surgery at Animal Surgery Clinic of Seattle. The entire process from the initial consultation, the surgery, and the rehab assistance has been top notch. Dr. Aguila performed Crixus's surgery and I will first say that he is an absolute professional and is pure class in the way he communicated and consulted us during the process. You can immediately tell he has a genuine passion for his profession, cares about his patients, prides himself in making sure pet parents are well informed and prepared for the surgery, and most importantly, he is a highly skilled and talented surgeon. It has been 8 weeks since the surgery and Dr. Aguila did an amazing job. Crixus is healing up nicely and is using his surgery leg more and more every week. Crixus has very short white hair and the roughly 8 inch surgery scar is barely noticeable.
Another thing that I will mention is that Dr. Aguila is an outstanding communicator. Every time I had questions related to pre or post surgery I would call and within a very short time Dr. Aguila would call me back. During our calls, he never made me feel like he didn't have time or was in a rush. This was amazing.
Anyone who's pet needs to have a TPLO surgery, I can't stress enough how much I recommend having it done here and how great of a surgeon Dr. Aguila is.
I also want to thank the entire staff at ASOC. The surgical assistants, front desk staff, rehab professionals, and everyone else for being so helpful and making this initially scary and highly concerning situation an absolute pleasure and overall fantastic experience. Crixus loves coming here for his rehab sessions and seeing you all! :)

— Anthony M.
Image: Rachel M.

The staff at ASOC were very friendly and made my dog feel comfortable. Dr. Aguila performed TPLO surgery on our dog Dexter. Dr. Aguila was very knowledgeable, professional, friendly and did not pressure us to have the surgery done. The surgery went very well and our dog was able to bear wear on his limb days after his surgery. The staff made sure we had clear discharge instructions to care for Dexter post surgery and also called us the day after surgery to check on how Dexter is doing. I highly recommend this place for any surgery!

— Rachel M.
Image: Paige C.

My dog was diagnosed with a bleeding tumor on his spleen at the emergency vet, and it needed to come out ASAP. I called around to multiple veterinary hospitals but ended up going with ASOC. They were able to get my dog in very quickly and provide the comprehensive care he'd need (all-night monitoring since he is an old dog with a couple of other health issues), but most importantly, the woman who answered the phone when I called was so kind and conveyed her sympathy with our tough and scary situation. None of the other people I had talked to were rude or flippant, but she was just so comforting to talk to and I felt like I was in great hands (this was Kim Berger I believe). Dr. Shaw performed the surgery and it went well - our dog was able to come home the next day. A week or so later she was able to share that the tumor was not cancerous!

ASOC was not the cheapest place we contacted (though a little cheaper than Blue Pearl), but I will not hesitate to go right back there should I need further services, which hopefully won't be for a long time *knocks wood*

— Paige C.
Image: Ariel B.

I cannot say enough good things about this clinic! My 4 year old pit bull tore is ACL (called CCL in canines I came to find out). With him being young and very active, I wanted to go somewhere that could give him the best possible chance at one day getting back to his old self. After researching several places, I scheduled a consult with Dr. Johnson. Dr. Johnson was very detail oriented and set my worries at ease since he does so many TPLO surgeries per day. From the first time we walked in the door, the entire staff has been nothing but friendly and compassionate towards us. Noelle, the practice manager always comes up and gives my dog a pet and a treat, she really makes you feel at home there. We are now a little over a month post-op and are doing rehabilitation with the team there (underwater treadmill and laser). The rehab Dr. and techs are fantastic and care so much about getting your pet back to their healthy, pre-TPLO selves! I simply cannot say enough about this place! If my dog tears his other ACL, we won't go anywhere but here!!

— Ariel B.
Image: Erin B.

Kai is a happy and energetic 1 and 1/2 year old Siberian husky and had the unfortunate luck of tearing both his anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus. Kai underwent TPLO surgery and rehab at ASOC and we couldn't have been happier with our experience. Everyone on the team treated Kai as he was their own and they made a difficult time for an an energetic, young Husky as easy as possible. Kai absolutely loved every minute of his rehab and couldn't get enough of the water treadmill! The team here is wonderful and I highly recommend them if your pup ever needs care!

— Erin B.
Image: Lei W.

My Yorkie had luxating patella in both her knees. Dr. Bennett took his time during the consultation to make both me and my dog feel comfortable with the process and procedure. His estimate had a range depending on how much work needed to be done once he was in there.

He was very patient with all of my questions and never once pressured me. The surgery was done and I was happy to see the actual bill was on the low end of his estimate.

A month later, my dog has recovered beautifully. He has seen us a few more times since as I was worried that she might've re-injured herself. He never charged me for any of those follow up visits and again was very patient with me.

Surgery is expensive, however he gave me such piece of mind, as board certified surgeon. I debated for a week between them and another Vet (who also does surgeries but not board certified). I am so thankful we decided to choose Dr. Bennett. Everyone including the reception staff as well as the nurse in the recovery department were so nice and caring.

— Lei W.
Image: Sharon S.

Panda could use a haircut, but she's wearing her winter fur coat. It has been four months since our 12-year old Shi Tzu, Panda Bear, had a mandibulectomy performed at the ASOC for squamous cell carcinoma of the gum and jaw . . . and she is doing fantastically! Prior to the surgery, the only way Panda could open her mouth to eat was to be heavily medicated. We thought our time with our beloved pet (our baby) was short. When we heard the dreaded word "cancer" and the option of removing half of the lower part of her jaw, we were devastated. The surgery sounded horrific. But it simply isn't the case . . . the very next day following surgery, Panda was able to eat like a little pig (though still on pain medication for the surgery, but that only lasted ten days). Following surgery, lab results showed clear margins, and Panda Bear is back to jumping on furniture, cuddling in our laps and giving lots of kisses. I think you will agree that the loss of part of her jaw is hardly noticeable, though looks did not concern us. We are so grateful to the dedicated team of surgeons and staff at ASOC. Sharon, Michael and Panda Bear Smith"

— Sharon S.
Image: Katie Marie P.

This is our 5 1/2 yr old berner, Shiba. After she broke both hips due to poor genetics under a year old, animal surgical replaced them with artificial. Thought staff would like to know she still acts like a puppy and the replacements are holding up like a dream. Thanks for saving our dogs life, as well as her quality of life.

— Katie Marie P.

I brought my girl, Maggie, here for two separate TPLO surgeries and the entire staff from the Dr. to the front desk to the physical therapist was absolutely fantastic. Even though she went through two painful surgeries, Maggie was so excited to see her friends whenever we pulled into the parking lot. In my book, that says a lot!

— Cathy B.

Consultation with Dr. Shaw for our dog Willie's cruciate ligament rupture: positive, informative, pleasant and comforting experience. From the moment we called, the entire crew has been very helpful and accommodating. The experience came full circle when we met Dr. Shaw. Surgery scheduled next week. My husband and I recommend Dr. Shaw and her team with no reservations.

— Jessica C.
Image: Jenn D.

I adopted a rescue dog that had been living with a severely broken femur for the majority of her 9-month life and the prognosis was not looking good.

Dr. Bennett was very pragmatic and helped me through the process of deciding what to do (surgery vs. amputation - I know it sounds like a terrible word). After much consideration, I chose surgery knowing there was some risk involved given the poor state of her leg.

After Dr. Bennett and his team performed surgery (involving bone grafting and a metal plate), she came walking out on all fours and has been moving freely ever since (5-ish years).

We would have loved her just the same with 3 legs, but I have to thank Dr. Bennett when I see her running around with the four that she has (which is constantly).

Everything was handled with a high level of professionalism and care, even post surgery and recovery. I'd recommend this team over and over again.

— Jenn D.

My 60lb senior dog tore her cruciate ligament in her left leg about 4 years ago. She had the TPLO surgery here and her recovery was better then I could've imagined. She regained full use of her left leg and to this day still has no problems.

Now 4 years later (she is 11 now) she has torn her RIGHT cruciate ligament and medial meniscus. They had warned me this probably would happen eventually. Again, we took her in for the TPLO surgery and I just want to say the entire staff at this place is soooo wonderful. They greeted me and my old girl with smiles and made me feel super comfortable leaving her with them. You can tell they all are huge animal lovers.

It's been a week since her surgery and so far so good! My old girl even seems to be in better spirits since her surgery, it's like she knows!

— Tatalin C.

My 6 year old blew out his back right knee playing catch when he pulled up lame, and we were lucky enough to be referred to this clinic by our vet when she examined his knee and determined there was significant ligament damage. They were able to get us into surgery right away, and it went as well as possible. They cut the bone below the knee to reposition the joint so it would be more vertical and replaced his ligaments with rubber bands that were attached to the bone.

They recommended we come for rehab twice a week after the initial healing period, and Kari led him on a submerged treadmill which helped him tremendously. I can't thank the staff enough for their professionalism, the outcome (this was over 2 years ago, and he is doing great, just like new! we just don't let him run at a full sprint anymore since the other knee is more likely to go as well etc), the facility is spotless, the staff very knowledgeable and competent. Really I have nothing negative to say and I (we really, my sister has taken her dog there as well since) would highly recommend their services to anyone with a canine who may need surgery. I am of the opinion that the rehab was highly effective, and would push owners to look into it for post-op.

— Rick A.

The team at this vet is incredible! I took my precious boy here for an evaluation by the surgical group for his hip dysplasia, he was treated with great love and caring by Dr. Aguilla. They treated me like a capable person who should make my own decision on his treatment. We have been to dozens of vets and this group is at the top. We returned for a session with the physical therapist Dr. Kari Johnson who put together a diet and exercise regiment for us to follow and work on at home. They never pushed us in any direction, but educated me on the best approach to manage my dogs condition. This team is professional, caring and very reasonably priced! I will continue to use this team to care for my boy as he gets older and his condition progresses because in two visits they built a trust that is hard to find in this industry! Highly recommended!

— Mario P.