CE & Events

Animal Surgical & Orthopedic Center (ASOC) provides continuing education to veterinarians and veterinary staff on a variety of informative topics.  We view this as part of our service to the local professional community, in addition to the informal conversations that we have with our referring veterinarians every day regarding their complicated or unusual cases.

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Upcoming Events

Date and time: Wednesday, April 13th, 2022 at 12PM PT

Presented by: Dr. Michelle Savigny

Discover the best ways to treat tripod patients through all life stages. We will be covering

  • Considerations BEFORE making the decision to amputate a limb
  • Understanding how the loss of a limb affects the whole body
  • Simple strategies to apply to any tripod
  • When (and if) to refer to SOUND

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2021 CE & Events

A Virtual CE: How you can improve OA patient care with this once-yearly treatment 

Date and time: Wednesday, Oct. 13 at 12 PM PT 

Presented by: Dr. Cynthia Knapp 

Well be covering a new breakthrough OA treatment available at ASOC that is minimally invasive and can provide
sustained OA pain relief. 

Watch the video replay here. 


Case Reviews – A Virtual CE Event Presented by ASOC 

Presented by: Dr. Jeff Mitchell 

Wednesday, July 14th 2021

Dr. Mitchell reviewed tricky, complicated, and unique cases that have been presented to Animal Surgical over the past few years.

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Case Reviews – A Virtual CE Event Presented by ASOC 

Presented by: Allen Johnson, DVM, DACVS

Wednesday, April 14, 2021 

Watch the replay by clicking HERE


Case Reviews – A virtual CE presented by ASOC
Presented by: Mike Thoesen, DVM, DACVS, and Alexander  Z. Aguila, DVM, DACVS
Wednesday, July 15th 2021


2019 CE & Events

October 13th, 2019: OctoberVets; Annual Appreciation and CE Event at The Woodland Park Zoo Presented by ASOC and SOUND Veterinary Rehab.


  • Common Working Dog Musculoskeletal Presentations: Elite Athlete Injuries and Their Management 
Darin Collins, DVM
Animal Health Program Director – Woodland Park Zoo
  • What’s New at the Zoo?
Jacqueline C. Neilson, DVM, DACVB
  • COAST: Canine OsteoArthritis Staging Tool
Jeff Mitchell, DVM, DACVS
  • Orthopedics for the Referring Veterinarian: Common, And The Not So Common Orthopedic Conditions; Referral Tactics and Treatment Options
Alex Aguila, DVM, DACVS with Sari Lieberman, LVT
  • Best Views in the House: Tips on Taking Rad Orthopedic Rads
Laura Black, DVM, DACVP
  • Make a Good Impression: Preparations for Synovial, Joint, and Other Body Fluids
Jennifer Ward, DVM, DACVP
  • Approaching Affinity Together: Vet Techs and Lab Techs Working Together to Achieve the “Impossible Goal of Perfection”
Allen Johnson, DVM, DACVS with Sarah Johnson, LVT

Speaker Notes from OctoberVets 2019  Event

September 27th through September 29th: Pacific Northwest Veterinary Conference

Integrative Medicine and Food Therapy

Cynthia Knapp, DVM, CCRT, SAMP, CVA – Rehabilitation Therapist
SOUND Veterinary Rehabilitation

  • Session 1: An introduction to the different branches of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine that can help animals live a more balanced life. How acupuncture, food therapy, herbal therapy and massage can benefit our animals.
  • Session 2: Learn how the energetics of food can optimize the health of our animals. By understanding some basic properties of food, diets can be created to help nourish the body as well as help heal the body to achieve internal balance.
  • Session 3:Using the body’s energy to help restore health. Learn how acupuncture can stimulate the body’s own energy to help an animal develop balance and harmony on the inside. When they are healthy on the inside, the body should not exhibit any abnormal symptoms, such as pain and inflammation, on the outside.
  • Session 4: Learn helpful acupuncture points that can be stimulated through acupressure to help our animals in general practice and in emergency situations, including points to stimulate appetite, decrease nausea, calm an anxious animal and much more.

Small Animal Gait and Lameness Lab (Pre-registration required)

Nicholas Cabano, DVM, DACVS, DACVSMR
Leslie Edie, DVM, DACSMR Resident
SOUND Veterinary Rehabilitation Center
Mike Thoesen, DVM, DACVS

  • Part 1: Understand the composition of the targeted and combined (orthopedic, neurologic, and gait) physical examination for canine athletes as well as typical disease processes commonly identified in these patients.
  • Part 2: Case Based Analysis – This will be a presentation using videos to help localize and characterize common gait changes in dogs.

2017 CE & Events

                        Speaker Notes From September 17th Appreciation Event

Dr. Mike Thoesen–Study the Strut

Dr. Erinne Branter & Dr. Tanya Donovan– Surgery? Maybe Not

Dr. Kristin Kirkby Shaw–Is My Dog Too Old for Surgery?

2016 CE & Events

Speaker Notes from September 18th Appreciation Event

Dr. Leslie Eide- Dr. Google Uncovered

Dr. Krystal Harris- Osteosarcoma Update

Dr. Mark Epstein- Multimodal Pain Management

Dr. Tanya Donovan- The Scoop on Poop

Please RSVP to Kathy.boutilier@evanco.com by March 14th.

2015 CE & Events

  • September 2, 2015: Trends in Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • September 25-27, 2015: WSMA Pacific Northwest Veterinary Conference
  • October 7, 2015: Laser Therapy: Where’s the Evidence?
  • October 11, 2015: Appreciation Event for Area Clinics

Speaker Notes from October 11th Appreciation Event                   

Dr. Kristin Kirkby Shaw – Breathless In Seattle

Dr. Kristin Kirkby Shaw – Stem Cell Therapy and PRP

Dr. James Gaynor – The Why and How of Acute Pain Control